P-STIM Treatment

The P-STIM™ or P-STIM treatment is a miniaturized electro-stimulation device. It uses ear nerve stimulation as an alternative means of relieving acute and chronic pain. By triggering nerve endings directly connected with your ear with low-frequency electric pulses, the P-STIM device “blocks” pathways to change how the body perceives pain.

About P-STIM Treatment

This treatment option can be used to stimulate your signals over a period of numerous days through alternations of stimulation then rest. As time goes on, we can trigger this device to provide greater senses of relief depending on your treatment path. From treating patients after intensive healing processes to ongoing pain management, this option is a simple and economical method for providing comfort and relief.

Due to its easy application and non-invasive implementation in a patient’s life, this device is excellent for a complementary treatment to new or chronic pain with other treatments. Most patients can easily adapt to utilizing a P-STIM and credit it for the ongoing management of their health and identifying it as a means of decreasing painful conditions.