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Colorado Health and Wellness is a locally owned and operated Chiropractic Clinic practicing in the Colorado Springs area for over 30 years. Our team includes four amazing Doctors and a Nurse Practitioner providing specialized services for each and every patient. Our approach is to focus on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mechanical disorders to the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. We strive to maintain total health using alternative pain relief solutions without OTC drugs or the need for operations.

Meet the Doctors

Your Colorado Springs Chiropractors

Dr. John Warner

Dr. John Warner DC

Dr. Gail Warner DC | Colorado Health and Wellness | Colorado Springs Chiropractor

Dr. Gail Warner DC

  • Dr. Lisa Baron MD
    Dr. Lisa Baron MD
Dr. Lisa Baron MD

Dr. Lisa Baron, MD is responsible for upholding the medical side of Colorado Health and Wellness. For years, Lisa has been managing and administering our cutting edge osteoarthritis treatments. While this treatment mostly caters to our senior citizens, Lisa is capable of administering a wide variety of treatments for patients of all ages. Lisa also provides oversight to our Nurse Practitioner, and is involved with many other healthcare clinics in Colorado Springs. 

  • Dr.  William Anderson DC, DACBR
    Dr. William Anderson DC, DACBR
Dr. William Anderson DC, DACBR

Dr. William Anderson is the director of Front Range Diagnostic Radiology, operating as a consulting radiologist for chiropractic and medical physicians, as well as several advanced diagnostic imaging centers. Dr. Anderson brings over twenty years of experience to the table, having graduated Magna Cum Laude from the National University of Health Sciences in 1993. He has proven himself to be an expert in radiology, having published several papers and delivered extensive lectures to the chiropractic community.

  • Tom Carter DO, PhD
    Tom Carter DO, PhD
Tom Carter DO, PhD

Dr. Thomas J Carter, DO, PhD has been practicing in Colorado for the past seven years, primarily in rural and under served areas of the state. He comes to us with a broad scope of clinical experience, from clinical medicine to acute care and hospital medicine. He has served as the medical director in other clinics, as well as chairman of the Department of Medicine for a critical access hospital, and even a Clinical Educator for Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Colorado State University Nurse Practitioner Training Program. With his wide array of experience and depth of knowledge, Dr. Carter brings a valuable perspective to the care that we provide our patients. While he is affiliated with other hospitals in the area, Tom dedicates his time with us delivering some of the most cutting edge non-surgical treatments.

  • Rena Unger
    Rena Unger
Rena Unger

Winner of the gazette silver medal for BEST of Personal Trainer AWARD!

Rena is our Rehabilitation Specialist and Nutrition Coach of our Ideal Protein Weight-Loss Program. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO. Rena grew up an athlete in Northwest Kansas and has always been involved in bringing wellness to the community, working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for five years prior to joining our practice.

She is available for personal and group training within our clinic as well, emphasizing on core stability, correcting muscle imbalances, and postural correction to help our patients perform at their highest level of function.

  • Ashley Nesselrode
    Ashley Nesselrode
Ashley Nesselrode

Ashley has proven to be a valuable team member since her very first day with us. Operating as an assistant to all of our healthcare providers, Ashley keeps everyone organized and on schedule. Ashley’s time management skills come naturally from being an all-star mom, juggling four children’s schedules on a daily basis. Her perpetual and contagious good attitude makes everything she does for us look easy, but we know she’s always committed to delivering the best quality work possible.

  • Jillian Marcipan
    Jillian Marcipan
Jillian Marcipan

Jillian’s brilliant personality is more than likely the first thing you will experience when you interact with Colorado Health and Wellness. Serving as our front desk receptionist, Jillian is the director of all patient flow and traffic in the clinic. With several doctors of varying disciplines under one roof, Jillian manages to keep the whole clinic in order; all while wearing a bright and joyful smile.

Injury Treatment to Long-Term Care

We emphasize long-term health solutions

As a Chiropractic based ­practice, our team emphasizes the use of a variety of chiropractic procedures to treat the immediate injuries of patients. These practices are tailored to the specific circumstances of each patient and use our combination of knowledge and years of practice as a means of treating various ailments.

At the same time, we emphasize long ­term health solutions. Our chiropractic treatments not only begin the healing process for your injuries, but moving forward, we seek ongoing options designed around your enduring health.

All of our treatments focus on a short term health option eventually yielding lasting healthcare. Our Nutritional Blood Screenings provide you with an understanding of diet options. Our Pregnancy Chiropractic Care provides options for making pregnancy more comfortable while helping not only treat you through pregnancy, but also managing the health of your children. And our Ruptured Disc Spinal Decompression Therapy alleviates sciatica and other chronic conditions to allow disks to heal over time and move on the path towards increased mobility.

With all of our services, we treat your injury, but we never stop there, we always move forward to find the healthiest version of you.

Chiropractic Care in Colorado Springs | Colorado Health and Wellness

What our Patients Are Saying

Our patient testimonials prove our dedication to health and wellness

  • Suzanne L. Suzanne L. PatientColorado Springs
    You are like family and I feel so blessed to have such an awesome team working to keep me and my family healthy. Thank you!
  • Christian K. Christian K. PatientColorado Springs
    The atmosphere is very relaxed, but at the same time I feel I’m getting very technically proficient care. Dr. John is a lot of fun, and he does a good job of explaining what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. I have recommended Colorado Health and Wellness before, and would do so again.
  • Joan L. Joan L. PatientColorado Springs
    I always feel like Dr. Gail listens to my problem and is interested in helping me. She goes out of her way to give individual attention and look at the whole body/person, not just one minor issue. I have a lot of confidence in her advice and opinion. The whole office is friendly and welcoming.
  • Lynn N. Lynn N. PatientColorado Springs
    I was so comfortable with Dr. Gail . She explained everything to me so well. No stress…. Just a pleasure!
  • Lou C. Lou C. PatientColorado Springs
    I appreciate the thorough, holistic care I receive at Colorado Health and Wellness.
  • Sharon S. Sharon S. PatientColorado Springs
    Staff goes above and beyond and the doctors are great. Always willing to make time for emergency and they get good results.