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Knee injections & osteoarthritis Treatment

In the United States, around 27 million people are suffering from osteoarthritis pain. It’s the most common joint pain caused due to the loss of cartilage within the joint. As the cartilage wears down, it restricts movement and causes the bones to rub against one another.


To provide patients the most advanced and reliable treatment available, we also invested in fluoroscopy technology. Fluoroscopy technology allows our doctor to watch each injection in real time to guarantee injected material is introduced to the exact point intended. This technology also allows each injection to be a minimally invasive for the best osteoarthritis care results. We assure that blind injections never occur in our clinic, and everyone receives the proper care they deserve.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a common condition in the knees, spine and hips. Causes of osteoarthritis include obesity, weakened joints from falls, sports injury or stress. Thankfully, there are many ways to manage osteoarthritis without surgery. At Colorado Health and Wellness, our team offers countless non-surgical treatments and only recommends a patient for surgery if no other treatment options are available.

Types of Osteoarthritis Treatment

Viscosupplementation Therapy is one of our most effective treatments for osteoarthritis. The procedure involves an injection of a gel-like substances into the knee joint. There are several types of knee injections, and we recommend the right one for you based on your unique situation. These natural fluids act as a lubricant, allowing bones to glide over each other naturally. This procedure has a high success rate in reducing the pain associated with osteoarthritis and is covered by most major medical insurance providers and Medicare.

Knee Injections And Osteoarthritis Treatment

If you are one of many who suffer from osteoarthritis, one injection might be just what you’re looking for. There are several treatments we can offer to relieve your symptoms. One option is injections into your knee.


Injections can be especially helpful for people who have received other treatments that yielded no results. If you are tired of simply throwing things like NSAIDs at your condition or can’t even take pain relief drugs due to side effects, a knee injection may be just the treatment for you.


A diagnosed case of osteoarthritis is a very common form of arthritis. In this case we are talking specifically about osteoarthritis that impacts knee health. The condition can develop in cartilage when the smooth covering that protects your bones breaks down. Without a proper protective layer, the surface of your bones can become damaged leading to damage, pain, swelling, stiffness and often times even disabilities.

As a multidisciplinary clinic, we have the physical therapy, chiropractic and alternative pain relief options to complement your osteoarthritis treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Osteoarthritis is a painful condition caused by the deterioration of the cartilage that protects your joints. It is the most common form of arthritis and typically affects the knees, spine, hands and hips. Symptoms of osteoarthritis include pain, stiffness, trouble moving, numbness, swelling and a grinding sensation in the affected joint. It is more common in older adults. However, it can affect people of all ages in all phases of life.

There is no one best treatment for osteoarthritis. Successful treatment depends upon the patient and the severity of the condition. However, Colorado Health and Wellness has found great success with a variety of treatment methods that go beyond pharmaceutical intervention. 

  • Hyaluronic injections such as Hyalgan-based injections work to mimic the body’s natural lubrication in the joints, relieving pain and improving range of motion and quality of life. Hyaluronic injections, and other new forms of osteoarthritis injections, provide a safe and effective alternative to the once-common cortisone injections, which are linked to tissue damage and weakening of components of the joint. 
  • TENS: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) treats osteoarthritis with a low-voltage electrical current that alleviates pain. 
  • Physical therapy: Physical therapy can strengthen the body and reduce pain by alleviating pressure on joints, cartilage and tendons.

As noted above, there are many options for managing osteoarthritis pain that do not involve lifelong pharmaceutical treatment or invasive surgical procedures. In addition to options such as injections, physical therapy and TENS, there are other options for osteoarthritis pain management. Colorado Health and Wellness offers nutritional counseling, which can help with joint pain related to diabetes or obesity. Our team can also provide relief through chiropractic treatment.  Adjustment of the spine can support osteoarthritis treatment by correcting issues that cause imbalance in the body.

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