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Dr. John & Gail Warner have over 75 years of combined experience that Colorado Springs can count on. We want to help you be pain free, get healthy, and feel better today! Our team of expert providers and medically trained staff are waiting to hear from you.

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The Most Experienced Colorado Springs Chiropractors

Treating injuries with functional medicine and ongoing wellness methods.

The Chiropractors Colorado Springs Trusts

Our family has been providing Colorado Springs with chiropractor services since 1949 and we’ve been serving the Pikes Peak area for 3 generations.

It has now been 38 years and we plan on being here to serve you for many more to come.

As a family-run business chiropractor in Colorado Springs, we pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we have built in our community. From healing our servicemen returning from deployment to treating injuries stemming from accidents with alternative pain relief, to ongoing injury prevention, to nurturing active lifestyles, our team exists to serve the specific needs of every patient.

From your first visit throughout your time at Colorado Health and Wellness, our team emphasizes enduring health. Whether you are managing an immediate injury or trust us with your long-term holistic chiropractic care, we proudly serve our clients to meet their desired health goals. We are not only a proud family business, but we treat every patient as a member of the Colorado Health and Wellness family.

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Your Colorado Springs Chiropractors

Dr. John Warner

Dr. John Warner DC


Dr. Gail Warner DC

From Treating Injuries to
Ongoing Wellness

Many doctors settle for treating only existing illnesses or injuries by addressing immediate symptoms without determining the root causes. At Colorado Health and Wellness, our chiropractors emphasize not only treating urgent concerns, but also in supporting a lifestyle meant to create your healthiest self.

Our team of professional doctors emphasizes a full-body wellness plan by factoring in your current lifestyle, health history, existing ailments, and long-term lifestyle choices. With all our clients, we create individualized plans to address their desired goals. The Colorado Health and Wellness team is dedicated to providing you the best chiropractic and holistic medicine services tailored specifically for you.