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Would you like to get back to a life without pain? Are you seeking pain management treatment options that don’t rely on invasive procedures or lifelong narcotic use? Colorado Health and Wellness is an alternative medicine practitioner in Colorado Springs, CO and would love to help!

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Colorado Health and Wellness

Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Colorado Springs

Colorado Health and Wellness is an alternative medicine practitioner in Colorado Springs providing a suite of comprehensive treatments dedicated to helping our patients lead healthier, happier lives free from pain. We specialize in the treatment of chronic ailments such as neuropathy and osteoarthritis, providing complementary and alternative medicine therapies such as TENS, knee injections, physical therapy and chiropractic care to alleviate pain.


Persistent pain can have a negative impact on every aspect of a person’s life. It can make it impossible to work, to participate in hobbies or even perform simple daily activities like cooking or cleaning. Finding a way to manage your pain can help you reconnect with the activities and experiences that once brought you joy so you can lead a normal life.


Many modern pain management and wellness solutions offered by conventional medicine focus on treating pain using opioids or risky surgical procedures that may or may not help you get back to a life without pain. Colorado Health and Wellness is a Colorado Springs practitioner of alternative medicine with a focus on overall health and non-pharmaceutical pain management. Our innovative approach to ongoing wellness and integrative health practices has made our multi-disciplinary clinic a trusted solution for pain management in the Pikes Peak region.

From Injuries to Ongoing Wellness

Whether suffering from chronic pain, seeking help for pain caused by a recent injury or simply hoping to improve your ongoing wellness, the experienced doctors at Colorado Health and Wellness will create a treatment plan grounded in the principles of natural medicine and alternative pain management. Many doctors settle for treating only existing illnesses or injuries by addressing immediate symptoms without determining the root causes. At Colorado Health and Wellness, we emphasize treating not just urgent concerns, but also in supporting a lifestyle meant to create your healthiest self.


Our team of alternative medicine health practitioners emphasizes a full-body wellness plan that factors in your current lifestyle, health history, existing ailments and long-term lifestyle choices. Each client receives an individualized plan that addresses their desired goals. We are dedicated to providing you the best chiropractic and holistic medicine services tailored specifically to your body’s unique needs.

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