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For every office visit, our goal is to eliminate every shred of apprehension and make you feel right at home here at Colorado Health and Wellness. The best way we have started every successful patient relationship is to explain everything in advance.The more you understand about who we are, what we do, and why we do it, the better your results. You must fill out the new patient paperwork before your initial visit to help best utilize your time with the doctor. We also have options available for different treatment plans our team will discuss with you. Our caring staff is ready and waiting to help you!

The doctor will review your health history forms and a full examination will be administered to determine the condition(s) irritating you. If you have recently had any X-rays, MRIs, or any other diagnostic screenings, please bring a copy with you to expedite your first visit. X-rays may also be taken to further investigate the cause of pain. Once we have completed your health review, we send you home with a Welcome Packet filled with educational information on our office and targeted information about additional testings you might find interesting!

During our second visit, the team will discuss the findings of your initial examination. From this examination, we recommend the proper amount of appointments, chiropractic, physio, or other therapies, and potential lifestyle considerations for you to reach your optimum health. We also provide you an improvement chart highlighting the suggested progress of your treatments.  

You will regularly be seen based on your selected therapy and treatments per your doctor’s ongoing recommendations. Over time, our visits might change depending on your health needs and well being, but our team is excited to work with you in any ongoing manner as needed.

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Insurance Policies

Plans & Options

With the ever changing nature and the wide variety of insurance policies available, Colorado Health and Wellness can not guarantee we will accept your particular insurance plan. To find out if our office currently accepts your plan, please contact our support team who would be happy to verify and explain your benefits before you begin care in our Colorado Springs office.

Plans & Options

Colorado Health and Wellness also offers numerous payment plans and options to meet the needs of our patients (including family plans). After your care plan is established, our team will review these options.

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