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Physical Therapy Near Me In Colorado Springs

For those looking to find the best physical therapy near me in Colorado Springs, Colorado Health and Wellness offers comprehensive treatment options to help your body function in a way that is safe, healthy and free from pain. Physical therapy is not just restricted to rehabilitation after injury, surgery or stroke. It can also improve strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion and mobility in people of all ages in all phases of life.


Our team of experienced and supportive doctors of physical therapy work to thoroughly assess your health or recovery goals. They will then create a treatment plan that is specific to your unique needs. Your customized treatment plan will leverage a multi-faceted approach to your care to ensure the best outcome. Treatment may combine activities such as daily therapeutic exercises, electrical stimulation, manual therapy and stretching. We also offer alternative pain management, support for ongoing injury prevention and help for those nurturing active lifestyles.

Physical Therapy Clinic Offering Alternative Pain Relief

Colorado Health and Wellness offers a suite of options for patients seeking alternative pain relief treatment. We see patients for issues such as chronic back pain, osteoarthritis, neuropathy, injury recovery, carpal tunnel syndrome, persistent migraines and many other conditions. Medications can provide brief relief from chronic pain. However, they can also cause a variety of issues for patients who rely on them long-term. These issues range from diminishing effectiveness caused by increased tolerance to physical dependency that requires intervention.


Our alternative medicine practitioners provide our patients with proven therapeutic options to reduce or eliminate their pain. Some of these holistic pain management options include physical therapy, chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, spinal decompression therapy, knee injections and even nutritional counseling. Our goal is to help patients experiencing chronic pain find natural, long-term solutions. Our therapeutic services equip patients to take back their lives and live pain-free.

Ongoing Injury Prevention with Physical Therapy

Stop injuries before they happen with ongoing injury prevention. As alternative medicine health care practitioners, Colorado Health and Wellness utilizes various therapeutic modalities to help you strengthen your body and improve your physical function. We can help you avoid accidents, falls, muscle tears or broken bones that can leave you on the sidelines of your own life. It’s just one more reason, so many patients consider our multidisciplinary practice the best place for physical therapy near me in the Pikes Peak region.


Injury prevention teaches you how to slow down and listen to your body. It can also include regular chiropractic care to remove interference in your nervous system and improve function. Your PT may even be able to address problems that can impede your mobility, such as osteoarthritis or neuropathy. By engaging in “prehab” you can reduce your risk of needing physical rehab in the future.

Nurturing Active Lifestyles in Colorado Springs with Physical Therapy

Caring for our physical health plays an important role in nurturing active lifestyles. A physically active body is a healthy body. However, there are times when our bodies need a little extra help to reach their full potential.


Are you recovering from an injury, healing from a stroke or embracing new health goals? Do you want to fortify your body for thriving as you age? Are you looking for alternative pain management that doesn’t rely on pharmaceuticals? Our practice can help you reach your goals. We offer physical and rehabilitative therapies integrated with corresponding wellness services to help your body function to the best of its ability.

Why is Colorado Health and Wellness the Best Physical Therapy Clinic in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Health and Wellness is committed to being the best physical therapy clinic in Colorado Springs. We offer a combination of services that is unmatched in the Pikes Peak region.

  • 75 years of combined experience
  • Integrated, multidisciplinary care
  • Options for chiropractic care, nutrition services and supplements, and injections for pain-relief
  • Non-invasive methods for injury recovery and pain relief
  • Whole-body wellness
  • Doctors of Physical Therapy
  • Medical doctor on staff
  • Solutions-oriented: Solve the problem at the source

Tips and Reminders for Choosing a Physical Therapist Clinic

  • Ask for consultation before committing to care to find out if the clinic is a good fit
  • Ensure the clinic offers integrated care that focuses on whole-body healing
  • Ask questions during your visit. How often do I need to be seen? What type of treatments do you offer? Will I be in pain? How does your service differ from other physical therapy places near me?
  • Get a feel for the office. Is the waiting area welcoming? Does the receptionist greet you as soon as they are able? Is the support staff friendly?
  • Ask how your therapist approaches treatment. Are they willing to listen?
  • Don’t make distance the deciding factor. When choosing a physical therapist, don’t just “pick the nearest physical therapy clinic near me and be done with it.” Select a physical therapist who makes you feel confident and secure about the support you will receive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Therapy

Physical therapists provide rehabilitation, preventative care and ongoing care for patients. They lead patients through therapeutic exercises, apply treatments such as ice or heat, and provide manual therapy. Physical therapists educate patients on protecting their bodies and keeping them healthy to prevent injury or re-injury.

Physical therapists are required to complete a bachelor’s degree and an accredited doctor of physical therapy degree.

Exercises may include stretches, bends, lifting, walking, table work, bridges, squats and more. Your exercises will depend upon your reason for seeking physical therapy and your body’s capabilities.

This question is best answered by scheduling a consultation with your doctor or local physical therapy clinic. However, almost everyone can benefit from some level of physical therapy, even if not currently injured.

The best physical therapist is one who has the necessary qualifications to properly treat your health issues while still maintaining a comfortable, positive relationship that builds your confidence and helps you achieve your goals.

There is very little difference between the two titles as both provide similar therapeutic services. The differences between the two are primarily debated within the discipline or attributed to regional preferences for one title over the other. In the United States, both titles require a professional degree in physical therapy.

Colorado Health and Wellness is a multidisciplinary clinic that offers physical therapy as one of our treatment services. Physical therapy is performed by a licensed physical therapist with a doctorate of physical therapy and years of hands-on experience.

Ongoing injury prevention is helpful for anyone who wishes to improve the overall function of their body. It is especially important for athletes, individuals recovering from injury, individuals employed in roles with high physical activity and any individual who wishes to strengthen their body to protect themselves from falls and stay active as they age.

Yes! Alternative pain management does work for many patients. Therapies such as physical therapy, medical injections, chiropractic care and TENS have been proven to alleviate pain for patients seeking treatment for various ailments. If you would like to learn more, contact Colorado Health and Wellness, and we can help you learn more.

One option is to ask your friends and family for a recommendation. It is also helpful to check out reviews online. Remember that closer does not necessarily mean better, so it’s important to do your own research. You may wish to seek out clinics with multiple options for treatment to support your physical therapy progress. You can also schedule a consultation with Colorado Health and Wellness. We would love the opportunity to prove to you why we have been voted best in the business.

Colorado Health and Wellness has seen numerous migraine patients find relief with alternative pain management. Several options are available that can help patients tackle their migraines at the source and find freedom from pain.

Telehealth physical therapy is a special service provided by Colorado Health and Wellness that is offered through a variety of HIPAA Compliant secure connections. Work with a physical therapist anywhere you need to be as long as you have a phone/internet connection. Our physical therapists use HIPAA Secure portals to speak directly with patients and perform rehabilitative exercises from the comfort of their home. This is a great option for patients with limited transportation, mobility issues or scheduling challenges.

While physical therapy does support pain management, physical therapy and pain management are not the same thing. Physical therapy is used to restore function to affected areas of the body through exercise, stretching, and soft tissue manipulation. Pain management encompasses a variety of treatments such as medically supervised injections, chiropractic care, nutritional guidance and yes, physical therapy.

Your healthcare provider may recommend physical therapy for pain management when your chronic pain is due to an injury. Physical therapy is also beneficial for strengthening the body and improving motion, balance and overall function. Through the rehabilitation and improvement of these functions, you may be able to alleviate pain or support other pain management treatments such as injections or chiropractic care.

Did you know?

  • Physical therapy can help you be more physically active by removing barriers such as pain, poor balance and weak musculature.
  • Physical therapy is a treatment suitable for all ages and ability levels, including those with chronic pain or chronic illness.
  • The CDC recommends physical therapy as one alternative to opioids for pain management.
  • Older adults can use physical therapy to improve balance and prevent falls.
  • Physical therapy can support recovery from stroke, creating better outcomes for the patient and reducing the risk of rehospitalization.

Resources For Physical Therapy

For more information on physical therapy, we hope you find the following resources helpful.

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