To achieve your best health

Grounded in the principles of chiropractic care targeting entire body care, our services take a three-­pronged approach:

Full Body




Life Style Practices


Wellness Options

Crafted around long-term solutions

By focusing on these three categories, Colorado Health and Wellness offers a range of services built around achieving your best health through alternative treatments and functional medicine. Our specialty has been and will always be chiropractic care. From there, our suite of services expands to care for the various factors impacting your health, the treatment of injuries and illnesses, and creating lifestyles allowing you to thrive.

In treating your injuries, our doctors and nurse practitioner work to identify the root causes of your health issue instead of just focusing on symptoms. Handling your ailments, we diagnose what will work for you across time while maximizing the effectiveness of your appointments in our office.

Our wellness options are crafted around long ­term solutions. Whether strengthening your muscles, releasing trigger points, or relieving pressure in your joints, CHW focuses on building up your body’s natural abilities to combat illnesses and injury.

Functional care will provide you lifestyle practices targeting the healthiest you. These services treat your body as a system, taking care of your core components through long­ term maintenance, healthy habits, and beyond.

Our chiropractic emphasis begins by targeting your nervous system and working to heal your entire body, removing potential interferences to your health and achieving optimal functioning.

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