Knee & Back Braces

Colorado Health and Wellness carries the best knee & back braces for our patients. That is to say, we use top of the line devices made from medical grade materials. Our office primarily utilizes braces in the treatment of back and knee orthopedic injuries. With every brace, we seek to find you comfortable, durable, and effective pain mitigation. Having worked in chiropractic and joint care for years, our doctors only work with the best braces, delivering you results in coordination with other treatment options.

Treatment Using Knee & Back Braces

Braces are essential to treating and recovering from a variety of knee-based injuries. Common conditions requiring knee braces include tendinitis treatment, stabilizing ligaments, knees sprains, patella tracking conditions, and other injuries requiring joint care.  Our team also frequently helps patients mitigate back injuries or pain through the selection of high-quality braces. Back braces are often utilized for anything from poor posture, a bad lifting experience, sitting too long at desks, or in managing pain from automobile accidents.

Our team will help find the proper brace to not only minimize your existing pain, but also strengthen your body and prevent future ailments.