OncoBlot (Cancer Testing)

The best treatment for cancer is early detection. There are countless methods of treating cancer, but the most foolproof way of improving survival rates is through procedures such as initial screenings, recurring cancer test, and familial cancer testing.

As the industry of healthcare has evolved, once of the best methods for early detection is the ONCOBlot Blood test. This detection method is powerful in its ability to detect cancer before symptoms even emerge. The test works by identifying the ENOX2 protein which only exists on the surface of malignant cancer cells. Identifying these proteins allows us to detect cancerous cells in their earliest stages of development and, the ONCOBlot test is capable of identifying all major forms of cancer with just one test.

This test is cutting edge in its detection methodology and a strong recommendation for all our patients in ensuring their ongoing long-term health and the prevention of major illnesses. With a simple blood test, our office can help manage your long-term health for years to come.

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